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The skyline of Nashville is famous for 2 things: 1) We have a building that looks like Batman & 2) On the side of another large building you will notice a gigantic cross. Our city is nestled in the buckle of the Bible-belt. One statistic states that Nashville has more churches (per capita) than any other city in America. Discussions about God and church are pretty commonplace. But here's what we have found to be true . . . When we mention the name "Jesus"––the temperature in the conversation changes dramatically. A cross plastered on the side of a building downtown doesn't mean that our city is not in desperate need of the gospel.

The big vision of Resonate Church is to see every man, woman, and child have a daily encounter with the real Jesus in word and deed. To carry out this vision, we are committed to living our lives as a family of missionary servants who are sent by Jesus to the communities of Nashville for the purpose of making disciples who make disciples. We are Family. We are Missionaries. We are Servants. We are Resonate.

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