Video Recording

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Case Study

You’re a leader in a Soma Church in Somewhere, CA. The California Governor has just announced no gatherings over 100 people until 80% of the population has been vaccinated. No gatherings of 10-50 allowed in the summer in most localities. Experts predict a vaccine will take anywhere from 18-24 months, conservatively. Unemployment in your State is currently at 20% but expected to climb. People are experiencing food scarcity who never have before.

Your Church has 200 people, and 12 Missional Communities. 60% of people are currently in DNA groups. Your giving will be down 50% over the course of the next 12 months. Your eople are tired, anxious and living with chronic uncertainty. You unbelieving neighbors are anxious, often unemployed and coping in unhealthy ways. You started streaming your Sunday Service in March but are only seeing about 60% of your normal folks engage after 6 weeks. Many bounce after 8-10 minutes of watching the video/live stream.

Your Church is strong in the Family & Servant identities but most MC’s struggle to get on mission. You have an annual budget of $310,000. You have 2 full-time staff elder and 3 part-time deacon worship, kids ministry, & finance. 1 Staff elder was a general contractor previously. The other was homeschooled, went to bible college and then seminary and has never had a job outside of the church. You three deacons have spouses – 1 of whom has recently lost their job.


1) What does your new, operating ecclesiology look like? 

e.g. worship, discipleship, staff, leadership development, shepherding, care for the poor.  What stays the same, what changes? What is the essential trellis for the church in this are?

2) How does your budget change? What do you cut first? 

3) What content or spiritual emphasis are you providing over the next 6 months?