What is Soma Strengthening?

Soma leaders and churches are committed to one another like a good family. Our heart is to do all we can to love and serve one another towards greater health and fruitfulness.

Soma Strengthening is an internal priority within the Soma family to see every Soma leader increasingly healthy and every Soma church increasing in strength as we collectively pursue our vision of Gospel Saturation. Healthy churches are led by healthy leaders and strong churches, plant strong churches.

Strong Church

Strong Church is an strategic pause from the day-to-day of ministry to intentionally work on the church, not in the church. Soma churches work through a Strong Church assessment process to identify and deploy strengths and highlight areas of growth. Our goal is that each Soma church grows stronger year after year. Strong Church also enables us to deploy strength to Soma Sending church planting residents, international churches, and other churches through the equipping ministry of Saturate. With increased strength we see more leaders trained, more Missional Communities started, and more churches planted towards Gospel Saturation.

Strong Leader

Pastors mostly pour out. Pastors have limits. Pastoral couples incur wounds along the way. The problem is, healthy churches don’t emerge independent of healthy leaders. So we pastor, pastoral couples. We’ve launched Strong Leader cohorts to help leaders survive and thrive in ministry for the long-haul. These cohorts utilize sage-like, seasoned spiritual directors who focus on: spiritual formation, self-care, self-awareness, marriage, family, and healing (based on a 10-year, 80 Million dollar study on pastoral sustainability by the Lilly Foundation). This investment in leader health has proven a life-line for many of our pastoral couples.