Soma School Alumni are a big part of the story God is writing

Soma began in 2010 when leaders from Soma Tacoma and Soma School Alums decided to formalize our connection in pursuit of Gospel Saturation. We never could have guessed what God had planned. It’s been above and beyond what we thought or imagined.

8 years later we’ve grown to 85 churches. By God’s grace we’ve…

  • Trained 1,400 leaders through Soma School
  • Launched hundreds of new MC’s
  • Seen dozens and dozens come to faith/baptism
  • Seen hundreds of disciples equipped and matured in faith, hope and love
  • Equipped 31 church planting couples in our Residency
  • Launched soul-care cohorts to pastor our pastors
  • Coached hundreds of leaders monthly
  • Started Saturate to equip thousands in the global church
  • And much more

Let’s continue to advance Gospel Saturation together.

We have the opportunity to increase our church planting capacity, invest in long-term leadership development, expand into Mexico, and hire a storyteller to capture all that God is doing through our Family of Churches. A small monthly donation will go a long way towards funding the work. 

We’re calling all Soma School Alumni to become monthly donors

We’re calling all Soma School Alumni to become monthly donors. To date we have trained 1,400 leaders through Soma School. If all of you give a little each month, we can do a lot. Sign-on as a monthly donor and we’ll give you a FREE digital copy of Growing in Christ Together (New DNA guide) as a thank you. 

Become a monthly donor at:

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