Saturate is a nonprofit organization committed to seeing a Gospel Saturation movement happen in North America and beyond.

The Soma Saturate story begins in Tacoma, Washington. God led Jeff and Jayne Vanderstelt to start Soma Tacoma, a church committed to equipping and sending every believer on the mission of making disciples in everyday life. Soma has grown from one church to a family of churches all across North America and into Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, and beyond, all committed to Gospel Saturation. God has granted much favor and opportunity to Soma, and it has always been my desire to steward that opportunity through serving the larger body of believers in North America (and globally) through training, coaching, consulting, and resourcing.

Over the last few decades, many believers and churches have realized their neighbors and cities are not showing up to our events like they used to. Instead, the church must go to them and minister on their turf and their terms. The Soma Family of Churches is limited in what we can do to serve the global church. From its inception, people from across the world have sought to learn from Soma and its leaders. And, we eagerly said, “Yes!” But, doing so depleted Soma’s resources and reduced the Soma leadership team’s ability to care for its first priority, the Soma Family of Churches.

We knew Gospel Saturation would require partnerships with like-minded leaders committed to serving the whole body of Christ together. In response to this, God laid it on our hearts to start Saturate in order to equip the global church in whatever way we can. Saturate curates and shares the best training resources of the Soma Family (and other skilled practitioners) while providing the flexibility to assemble and fund a diverse team to support and implement the vision of Gospel Saturation.

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Missional Communities are as diverse as the people who comprise them and the missions they’re on. However, there are principles that have been discovered over time by Missional Community practitioners. Saturate seeks to the equip the Global Church through…

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Saturate Coaching Communities are uniquely designed learning environments led by skilled practitioners, using a combination of video, online community discussion, and individualized action steps.

  • A full year of 90-minute, live coaching sessions
  • 1 coach to 5 community member is the maximum ratio
  • Theme-based video content with companion prep guides
  • All-access membership to Saturate resources & online community
  • Listen to episodes 6 & 7 of the Saturate Podcast to learn more

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We regularly equip disciples, leaders and pastors through Training Events all over North America. We offer two primary Trainings: 1) Saturate Everyday and 2) Gospel Fluency Training. At Saturate Everyday events you will be exposed to a full day of training around equipping every believer to make disciples in all of life through Missional Communities. The Gospel Fluency training focuses on bringing the Gospel to bear on all of life personally and in your discipleship. Saturate Events are open to all and affordable. Come join us, get to know our team, and let’s partner towards Gospel Saturation.

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