Please join us in raising the critically needed financial support for our Eastern European church family, providing care during this chaotic moment. We appreciate your continued prayer and financial assistance for our brothers and sisters as they care for others.

Millions of refugees have now fled from Ukraine as the war with Russia intensifies. 

For over a decade, Soma churches and leaders have been learning alongside, serving, and encouraging churches and leaders in Eastern Europe. They’ve been to our Soma Schools and they’ve been in our homes.

These churches are our family and they are providing aid in tremendous ways, housing dozens of refugees in their homes, opening their businesses, feeding people meals, and helping families travel to get reunited with their families. The Elys in Soma Detroit, the Jones in Soma Tacoma, and the Gibbs living in Slovakia are in constant communication with their friends and co-laborers in this region. The Church is doing amazing things. We’ll share those in the coming days. We also realize those churches, leaders, and refugees will need long-term care and strengthening beyond this immediate need and we’re preparing ways to care for them, too.

The Soma Global Team led by Brad Watson met to prayerfully consider our response to our refugees in need. We have established a central fund within the Soma Family to help those churches care for these displaced refugees. We will resource the Church to continue responding to the Spirit and serving others. Many of you may have direct relationship with churches and leaders in Romania, Slovakia, Poland, and throughout the region. If you do, give directly out of relationship and support for their work.

All gifts in this fund will go to supporting churches as they care for refugees in the region. The funds will also be a tax-exempt gift, and receipted at year end. The distribution will be based on the prayerful discernment of needs by the Global Team who has been in these churches, helped start these churches, and continue to coach these churches.

Matthew 25:31-40. “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”