International Survey

Dear Soma Leaders,

As you heard in the last family update that a team has been tasked with helping us serve and learn from the global church. The team consists of Atanasio Segovia, Ben Connelly, Daniel Maqueda, Dawson Jones, Mike Ely, Mirela Watson, and Trip Forgeng. As a team, we are currently assessing the capacity and scope of the Soma family of churches to help discern how we might care wisely for the church outside of North America. (Currently, the Soma family is confined to North America which includes Canada and Mexico).

We need your help and wisdom and we are asking that you take 3-5 minutes to fill out the survey below. If you are not the one within your church who handles international work please forward this survey to the appropriate person and ensure that they fill it out in a timely manner, as we will not have their contact to follow up.

The survey is broken into two sections. In the first section, you will find 5 questions around your churches current international engagement. For clarity within the survey, we will use the 3 terms (Followers, Friends, Family) to define the families current international relationships. Please read them below and refer to them as you fill out the Survey.

In the second section of the survey, you will find 4 questions around resources that you find valuable and you believe would help fuel gospel saturation globally. Thank you for helping us serve the family in this way.

Trip Forgeng


Followers are people who appreciate and gleen from Soma/Saturate resources.  They apply some of these resources to their context, but we wouldn’t assess their church as embodying Soma DNA throughout.  They might have been to a Soma School or even have a connection with someone, but it isn’t an ongoing relationship with consistent contact.  They see Soma as one of many helpful church models. 


Friends have a relational connection to someone in Soma – a regular coaching relationship, knows a pastor through networking, has attended Soma School or Saturate event. Friends might be hesitant to become family because they are already a part of other networks, or have other ecclesiological, or theological differences, but would embody much of the Soma family of churches DNA.


These people feel like they are already a part of the Soma family and would very likely enter into the Soma family given that opportunity.They have established relationships with more than one Soma leader or church; they embody the Soma distinctive’s; and they have been in a relationship with Soma for years.