Familia Soma

Feeling God was calling us to do something in Latin America, we launched Familia Soma as a pilot program in 2019. The goal was to train and equip Latino Churches to speak the Gospel and equip saints for the work of ministry. The response has been overwhelming. More Latino leaders are asking for gospel-centered, coaching, mentoring, resources and training. The harvest is plentiful in Latin America! 

The Need

Someone described future Latino Christians leaders as “orphans” in need of a family. There is a hunger and need among these future leaders for gospel-centered training and development. Unfortunately, there is a lack of contextualized training for local leaders. Development opportunities like seminary, or other training, is a luxury beyond the reach of the average person. 

Familia Soma exists to equip Latino leaders, train chuches, and equip disciples to show that Jesus is better and present in all of life, that the church is a family on mission everyday. We do this by establishing churches who make disciples that make disciples in all of life. We also provide resources and training to other like minded churches.

Our Approach

We hope and pray to establish 7 hub churches in the Latino Context  by 2030. The churches will be in key cities in Latin America and cities in the US with a large latino population.

Places like California and Texas have large Latino populations. We hope and pray to establish hub churches who train future Latino leaders. By God’s grace, there are four churches/church plants in Mexico in the early stages of becoming a future hub. 

These churches will work together to establish a training ground for church planters and leaders and offer in-house theological development. The churches will create content and training and share it with the Latino Church in general. The resources will address the realities that Latino Christian leaders encounter. Most importantly, these churches will provide a family to the “orphans” leaders in the Latino church.

God At Work

  • Train close to 200 Latino leaders in three countries. 
  • Adopted and equipped Soma Mosaico, a church in Leon Mexico
  • Translated and contextualized resources for the Latino church
  • Established a contextualized elder establishing process
  • Developed a pilot program for church planting


  • Established Soma Mosaico as a model church with a solid shared leadership team
  • Launched the Spanish version of the saturate blog
  • Invited native leaders to author resources on the blog
  • Created one of the few Covid-19 Spanish resources for Latino Churches with limited resources
  • Initiated the adoption process of a second church in northern Mexico 
  • Launched our first church plant, “Soma Queretaro”, in Querétaro Mexico. 
  • Launched our second church plant in southern Mexico 
  • Reached more Latino Christians leaders through invitations to write on blogs and participate on podcasts and webinars

Speaking the Gospel

Missional Communities