Soma Sending


Soma Sending Immersions/Externships

For most residents, the customized component of Soma Sending—the Local Church Immersion—you’ll dwell in the life, mission, and ministry of a Soma Family Church. Residents who are already in their mission field and are already in the process of planting, or are involved in a church whose primacy is missional communities, complete an Externship: we connect you with a church leader within the Soma Family. He will work with your local leadership for your personal development, visit your mission field and/or bring you into his occasionally, and coach you in your pursuit of leading a Soma Family church.

The Immersion or externship primarily focuses on a resident’s “head” and “heart.” Immersion Leaders and Externship Coaches are equipped and resourced, to develop a personalized plan for each resident, in areas of growth and need. Over two school years, you’ll receive equipping and assessment in various church-planting themes and widely-accepted competencies within each theme. You’ll gain practicum experiences based on your unique needs, and form a plan to be sent out, during or after the two years.)


Soma Sending Summits

The unified component—Soma Sending Summits—primarily focuses on the resident’s “hands,” providing potential planters across the Soma Family with hands-on training in eight more themes, and the related competencies within each. Through seven regional three-day Summitsover two school years, potential or new planters learn from experts in each theme, with small-group, “ask anything” time with some of the best-noted practitioners in church leadership. Every round’s experts in various planting competencies are different, but past summits have led by Jeff Vanderstelt, Matt Carter, Elliot Grudem, Bob & Nikki Roberts, Dr. Gerry Breshears, John Mark Comer, Chris Marlow, and others.)

Residents participate in cohort coaching, walking through Soma Sending with four to six other potential planters, and carry out hands-on assignments, to both build camaraderie and gain experience beyond what many local churches can provide on their own. Residents’ wives join us for three of the seven summits, and receive coaching throughout the process as well.