Missional Community Coaching Conversation

May 4, 2015


How can a missional community tangibly live out its gospel identity? The answer to this question is central to the task of MC leadership. Effective MC leaders are able to help their people see how their identity informs the rhythms of their life together. Yet, this is easier said than done. The reality is that missional community life is hard, and it’s much easier to talk about vision than lead people effectively on the ground level.

In light of this, we’ve created a resource to provide a window into an everyday conversation in a missional community. In this unscripted video, David, from Soma San Clemente, coaches his MC as they plan an activity together. He starts with casting the vision for missional community as a family of missionary servants who make disciples who make disciples. He then uses coaching skills to help his people see how to live out a piece of their gospel identity through an activity that they plan together.

Our hope for this video is that it would be an encouragement to those who are currently leading a missional community. The coaching skills modeled by David can be employed by missional communities in just about any context, and may also provide some creative ideas for your MC.

We also desire that this video would provide an honest window into missional community life. We realize that it’s easy for video resources to paint an overly idealized picture of missional communities. As such, this video seeks to give a glimpse of an ordinary conversation between ordinary people as a missional community around a dinner table.

Note: This video is a part of a resource package coming later this year about supporting missional community living. This series will include content on coaching missional communities, prayerful planning, mission focus, marriage, parenting, gospel shepherding, gospel conversations, and more. Stay tuned for more details as we prepare this new resource.