Soma Church Planting Roundtable | Ft. Worth, TX

November 5-7, 2018


The SOMA Family in North America is excited to host a first-ever Church Planting Roundtable in Fort Worth TX, Nov 5-7, 2018.   

The Church Planting Roundtable is open to everyone and does not require past or current involvement with Soma. It’s a great opportunity for anyone with a heart or interest in church planting.

Whether you’re planting a church of missional communities, hope to in the future, are a planter’s/pastor’s wife, or are part of a church planting team, this event is for you.
SOMA’s 2018 Church Planting Roundtable is led by proven practitioners across SOMA North America. Don’t miss your chance to learn, pray, laugh, eat, drink, and talk with others in a similar position.

Click Here for more information on the Soma Planter Roundtable