Discipleship Forum

October 6-7 2014


The Discipleship Forum will happen alongside Exponential West this Fall in Los Angeles, CA. Jeff Vanderstelt will be speaking at both events.

What’s the vision for the event? “Join us for a real life discussion on discipleship in a unique learning environment and format. We are in a season of renewed interest in discipleship. Leaders are hungry for resources and insights for their churches to become more effective at discipleship. Are we, as leaders, modeling the kind of discipleship for we want our people to practice? The first place to look in improving our church’s discipleship systems is inside ourselves to candidly assess and consider how our own disciple-making practices need to change. Attendees will have a front row seat to an intimate conversation among six national leaders and friends as they talk candidly about discipleship in their own lives and seek to learn from one another. In a casual, face to face environment, one of our leaders will start by making a brief and pointed presentation on a key discipleship topic and then the other five leaders will spend the balance of time in conversation and dialogue about that topic. All six speakers will be on stage together in a living room type environment, dialoguing with one another.”

Consider joining us and thousands of others seeking to understand how to love and serve Jesus by making disciples that make disciples.

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