Missional Moms

April 22, 2016


I have always wanted to be a wife and mom. When our first son, Noah, was born in 2005 we were learning about what life on mission looks like at Soma Tacoma. I started spending time with other moms – coffee, play dates, building relationships with moms at parks, doing Costco runs with other mommas – it was simple. Life on life. We then had our second son, Caed, in 2007 and our third son, Pearce, in 2011. Having little ones was such a sweet and precious season in my life. God used that season to teach me what it looked like to live on mission in the simple, everyday things of life.


Three years ago, God opened a door for our Missional Community to start caring for our local high school’s football team. As we brainstormed ways our MC could serve the coaches, team, and school, God reminded me of Matthew 10:39, “If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.” I thought, “Oh my word (ok, I may have said something else) what is God going to do?” Yet, for the last three years this has become a reality as we have cared for the football team at Lincoln High School.

The most amazing part of this is that our little boys have been able to live on mission alongside of us in Tacoma since they were born. Todd and I try to include our children in as much as we can as we care for teenagers at Lincoln High School. Our 5 year old thinks Lincoln HS is his school. He often joins me as I drop off food and supplies at Lincoln. He loves walking into the weight room while the guys are working out. It’s amazing to see the football players engage with my kids. It’s a joy to see a 250 pound linebacker throw my 5 year old around. My kids join in as we make cookies for the team, drop off supplies for football, and have players over to our home. This is just how we live life because it is what God has called us to do, but it doesn’t come naturally.


The world tells us to be comfortable. The “comfortable lie” that we often believe is just that: a big fat lie. Scripture tells us that following Jesus is going to be hard, but the joy that comes from serving Him is like nothing else. There are times where living on mission caring for an urban high school is challenging. There are seasons when Todd and I want to run away from Tacoma and live in a cul-de-sac in the suburbs where our kids are “safe” and go to the best public school in the district. Then God reminds me of His great love for us and how our calling is to listen to Him and act in obedience. God doesn’t call us to comfort but to discomfort because He loves us and doesn’t want us to stay where we are. He calls us to obedience because He wants us to know Him more. In those moments of obedience we get to experience Him. That is awesome!

Many moms believe that they are called to be a wife and mom and that’s it. I’ve seen moms focus so much on their own family that they miss countless opportunities to live out the other areas they are called to. Family can easily become an idol. Don’t use your kids as an excuse to not live on mission. What does that ultimately teach our children? I am so thankful for the amazing moms that have been part of our Missional Community over the years. We have helped each other grow in ways to serve Jesus. We have pushed each other to obey Jesus’ calling on our lives.


Last year one of the moms in our MC got a call to take a position at Lincoln HS as a teacher. She and her husband have 3 little girls. She prayed about it and asked our MC what we thought and if we would pray too. She heard a “yes” from the Spirit. She accepted the position. Our MC supported her in this decision and as a result we all stepped in to care for their 3 little girls. We support one another as we obey Jesus’ calling on our lives.

At one of the football games we needed help selling spirit wear. I called up one of my friends who had an infant, she has a servant heart and understands the importance of living on mission. She strapped her baby on and served during the football game and nursed her baby in her car during the slower parts of the evening.

The best part is that our kids get to do this with us! They get to see what it looks like to live for Jesus from their mom and dad. Presently I spend a ton of time doing Costco runs for the football team. My boys will see my car full of snacks and gatorade and ask, “Are these for us?” I will tell them that it’s for the football team and they will then groan about how they don’t get to eat those snacks. It’s a teachable moment for me as a mom to remind them about Jesus’ calling on our family to serve and care for the students at Lincoln HS and how it’s a joy to provide for the football team. They will then quietly help me load everything up and drop it off at Lincoln. God has given us countless opportunities to teach our kids about the love of Jesus and the importance of living on mission for His glory.

Ultimately Jesus wants our hearts and desires for us to seek Him first. Being a wife and mom is a great calling but it’s not your only calling. What else is Jesus calling you to? How can you live on mission with your kiddos?