John’s Story | Big House Beans

January 12, 2016

John’s life screams of the reality that Jesus saves. Five years ago, John was incarcerated, separated from his kids, and in despair. Today, John is starting a social enterprise coffee business, fathering his kids, and living a life that is marked by hope. The difference? The gospel of Jesus.

After God broke into John’s life is prison, he came to be immersed in the community of a Soma church. The love, support, and acceptance that he received there were pivotal in him stepping into the newness of life that he found in Christ. From learning to be a part of a family to building a budget, John was equipped in both the basics of the gospel and practical life skills.

As John experienced this remarkable transformation, his desire to give back to the community was actualized by starting Big House Beans. The mission of his company is to create jobs for ex-offenders, raise money for job training, and support rehabilitation programs. Providing customers with great coffee makes for an incredible bonus.

John is now partnering with Soma to create a coffee subscription that helps to plant churches through Soma Sending. We are grateful for this collaboration with John, and for the opportunity it provides to simultaneously support John’s work and the work of church planting. To learn more, or start a subscription visit: