Soma School

About Soma School

During Soma School you will get to pray for and serve our cities, study the biblical and theological foundations of Soma, reflect on the incarnational responses to the needs of our region, and live with us as family as we learn to embody the gospel as a community.

We will host you with members of our family and you’ll get to experience their rhythms of life as well as getting many different snapshots of Soma in both urban and suburban settings.

This experience is for individuals, particularly church planters, that desire a deep understanding of the Gospel Identity and Rhythms in which we live.

To make the experience the most worthwhile, for you and for us, we strongly recommend you read Total Church and The Prodigal God before you attend  Soma School.

Some of what you will learn and experience while you are with us:

  • The Story of God:  You will begin to see the Bible and the redemptive, restorative work of God in a whole new way, seeing the gospel through the whole biblical narrative.  You will also learn how to communicate and teach in new, dialogical methods.
  • Identity & Rhythms:  What is the Church? How should we live? Soma Communities is formed around the gospel, our new identity in Jesus and the rhythms in which he and his followers lived. We will dig deep into these realities.
  • Building a Missional Community:  We will discuss how Soma has begun to live in communities of people who are united around a common, local mission. Also, how these communities are local expressions of Jesus and his church in the world, living out the gospel in all ways.
  • Gatherings:  You will gather with the Soma family in smaller missional communities, larger gatherings and spend time just being with us in community.
  • Sacred Space:  Bringing beauty and restoration to our community is one of the ways we display and experience the gospel. Together, we will spend a day restoring a public space in or around Tacoma (be sure to bring some work clothes).

Click here for an example of a week at Soma School looks like.

Click here to see the Soma School notes and to get an idea of what we will cover during a week at Soma School.


  • Soma School Phoenix | November 7-14, 2017  (FULL  |  REGISTRATION CLOSED)



Since we’re not putting on a conference, but opening up our lives to share what we’re learning, space is limited. To steward these limited resources well, our goal is to see Soma School be very effective for equipping church planters who will then equip others in the gospel, community and mission. Soma School is not tailored for folks in a “traditional” church setting who are hoping to transition their small groups to missional communities. Rather, it’s geared specifically for those planting churches that see gospel communities living on mission as THE primary organizing structure of the church. Ideal applicants are a lead planter who brings along 1 or 2 key leaders who are currently planting or about to plant a new church (3 max from one team).

We will fill each Soma School with church planters first and if there is space, accept others who are interested in learning from Soma’s experiences.  After we review your application, we’ll email you registration instructions. Note that spouses must apply separately.

Please apply only if you can make it for 100% of Soma School.

The cost is $500 per person, including a $150 deposit. If you bring a spouse, add only $250 more. Deposits are non-refundable if you cancel within 90 days of Soma School.